The Fitzgerald Marine Reserve Near Seal Cove Inn


Seal Cove Inn borders the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. The reserve is brimming with life from seals to starfish. The seals and tide pools probably command the most attention from visitors. Although group tour guides are available from the reserve for parties of ten or more, guests are welcome to explore on their own. You can even print an animal guide from the website to enhance your exploration. Fitzgerald Marine Reserve is in a no-take marine protected area, so please do not pick up anything and take it away from the reserve. Dogs cannot enter the reserve. The reserve opens at 8 AM and there is no admission cost. Closing time varies seasonally; please check their website.

Seal Cove Inn borders the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. Download our map.

The Seals of Seal Cove

Please see our map for where to locate the seals. The following is from the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve website, the authority on our harbor seals:

“Harbor seals swim in the reserve’s waters year round and at all hours. If you visit during a low tide, you will probably see several lying on the rocks at the water’s edge, resting and soaking up the sun. Between March and June you may see very small pups lying near their mothers.

Bring binoculars and view the harbor seals from a distance. Obey all marine mammal caution signs and, if orange cones have been put out by reserve staff, stay on the beach side of the line they scribe.”

When enjoying watching the seals sun and play, please always remember to stay a considerate distance away (300 feet at least), especially during the pup season. The harbor seals are federally protected under the marine Mammal Act and they are a precious part of the ecosystem. Try to stay quiet and use binoculars as they scare easily. Following these guidelines will ensure a pleasant and memorable visit to Seal Cove.

The Tide Pools of Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

The tide pools on the beach are vibrantly colorful and full of fascinating creatures. Take a look at our map to located the tide pools. The Fitzgerald Marine Reserve website has this advice on seeing the pools at their best:

The best time to visit the tide pools is during a zero or negative low tide, when the rocks are exposed.

To plan your visit:

1. Find the low tides for the date you plan to visit. The low tide should be 1 ft. or less during daylight visiting hours, or you will need to select another date. On weekends and holidays our friendly volunteer naturalists rove the tide pools to answer questions.

2. For a group of 10 or more, select a tour time and make a reservation.

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