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Aquarium in Our Backyard: The Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

One of the most exciting parts of living in Moss Beach is being next-door neighbors with the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.  They wear many hats: a de-facto aquarium, a beach, an educational center, and a gorgeous natural resource.  

Honestly, it makes you feel like a kid again, to wander over the rocks of the tide pools, pointing out sea stars, anemones, and tiny fish.  There's a certain specialness to discovering animals in their native habitat.

In this blog post, we offer tips for visiting and resources for the Reserve, along with an overview of our favorite animals.

A Traveler's Guide to Half Moon Bay Communities

Half Moon Bay Area

Visitors to Seal Cove sometimes get understandably confused about our location.  “Wait, why does your address say Moss Beach? I thought you were in Half Moon Bay.”

Much like Daly City residents might say they’re from San Francisco, and Brooklynites might say they’re New Yorkers, the people of our little region often skip over the tedious explanations of where-the-heck “El Granada” is, and just say they’re from Half Moon Bay.

With several cities and notable neighborhoods, things can get a little confusing.  Travel websites often gloss over these different communities and call everything “Half Moon Bay,” and even mailing addresses are sometimes misleading.  Did you know that Mavericks, world-famous home of the big surf contest, is technically in a little unincorporated community called Princeton-by-the-Sea?  Yeah, neither do most people.

Plan a San Francisco Giants Weekend

View of the AT&T BallparkIt’s easy to forget that Half Moon Bay is only 20 minutes away from San Francisco.  With the mountains sheltering us on one side, and the ocean rolling in on the other, it’s easy forget that anything is 20 minutes away from Half Moon Bay.  

And yet, we get so many guests who use Seal Cove Inn as their home base for quick trips into the city.  You probably aren’t surprised to hear that one of the greatest pulls San Francisco has is the Giants. 

The Giants’ home, AT&T Park, has a truly beautiful location.  Sitting right on the water of the San Francisco Bay, you get sweeping views of the water, the ships, and the hills across the bay.  Not to mention the Bay Bridge, currently covered in shimmering lights, which sits just a few blocks north of the ballpark.

In this post, we’ve got tips for getting to and from the ballpark, as well as restaurants and the ballpark itself.

First Year Anniversary

wine flowersAccording to the “experts”, the traditional gift for a first anniversary is Paper – said to represent strength.  This isn’t our first wedding anniversary (we passed that milestone many moons ago!). But a gift, representing strength to celebrate our first anniversary owning and operating the Seal Cove Inn, is appropriate!  I'm sure that we are no different than millions of other entrepreneurs who tackled their first venture. We had zeal and enthusiasm and were certain that we were well prepared with plans for every possibility. Of course, that is not likely – or even probable!  Yes, there have been bumps, bruises and tears (sorry to say). There have been more “teachable” moments than we’d like to admit.  But there has also been joy and newfound friendships. We have discovered what it means to belong to a small town community. We now understand the satisfaction derived each day from knowing you are only accountable to your guests, your employees and your community and not “The Man”!

Scenic Devil’s Slide Trail Now Open

Scenic Devil’s Slide Trail Now Open

Once a stretch of Highway 1 that made drivers white-knuckle their steering wheels and passengers close their eyes, Devil’s Slide was closed when the Tom Lantos Tunnels were opened in March of 2013.  After a year's hiatus, Devil’s Slide has made its triumphant return and has transitioned from terrifying motorists to offering a peaceful, 1.3-mile hike overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  Devil’s Slide Trail starts at the southern tip of Pacifica with parking lots on either end and is just a few miles north of Half Moon Bay.  Take this chance to get out from behind your desk and spend time overlooking the ocean surf and mountain ridgelines by hiking the new Devil’s Slide Trail.

2013 Thanksgiving Dinner

Dinner in Half Moon Bay at Seal Cove!!

2013 Thanksgiving Dinner

Phew … with Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival in our rear view mirrors it’s time to look ahead to the holiday! No, I didn’t say the C word (or the H or K word either), but I will mention the T word: THANKSGIVING!!


Our First Six Months Of Inn Ownership

In reflecting on our first six months of ownership, it seemed appropriate to turn to Dr Seuss for inspiration!

Our First Six Months Of Inn Ownership


Mid-May was our day We’re off on a great adventure We’re off on our way It started with bull dozers and flowers galore Beautiful landscaping, new parking spaces and more. Then there were new sheets, new pillows, new soaps, oh my!

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