Executive Chef

jason tozerThough a native of Los Angeles, Executive Chef Jason Tozer was a seasoned world traveler before the age of 20.  As a child residing in England, he and his family traveled and dined throughout Europe, experiencing food and cuisine that most American children would never be exposed to.  Following his high school graduation, Jason, who holds an Australian dual-citizenship, then made a bold decision to move to Australia where he had been exposed to an entirely different, but equally exciting, food culture.  It was there that he had first encountered a society with a great appreciation for fresh seafood, lamb and game meats, heirloom fruits and vegetables, and small batch artisan foods – a trend that we are happy has reached the United States today.  Combined with formal training at Le Cordon Bleu, these early experiences helped form the foundation for the chef Jason has become: one who believes that simplicity is better; one who believes in starting with the best ingredients and nurturing them through the cooking process; and one who ultimately strives to honor those who have worked tirelessly to produce the food that he delivers to your plate.

As the Executive Chef at Seal Cove Inn, Jason takes great care in sourcing ingredients by working with local farms to acquire our foods at the peak of their season and freshness consistent with our philosophy.  He can regularly be seen at both the Half Moon Bay and Pacifica Farmer’s Markets chatting with the purveyors, seeking out the ingredients for upcoming menus, and modifying his plans based on what looks and tastes the best that day.  Our guests are the beneficiaries of his hard work and they are always enthusiastic in their praise.  It is almost a daily occurrence that a guest will remark “I don’t even like (fill in the blank: smoked salmon, shrimp, crab cakes, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts), but this was the best I’ve ever had!”.  Jason believes that these conversations with guests are what make working at Seal Cove Inn so special.

Jason’s endeavors are not just limited to the kitchen.  He planted our first ever culinary garden at Seal Cove Inn - growing his own herbs, tomatoes, greens and even strawberries! He’s also a talented photographer – some of his work can be seen on this very website.  Based on guest requests, we also hope cookbook author is also in his future – what a great way to combine two of his great loves: food and photography!

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